Miles' Mission emerged from our family's profound grief after the stillbirth of Miles Owen Moore on October 11, 2021. His passing forever altered the lives of Jennifer, Gerald, Noah, and Harper Moore, as well as Dr. Michael Bullock, Kathy Bullock, Pamela, and Kendall Stevens, alongside their children, Michael and Jakobi. Through our collective sorrow, we discovered a newfound purpose in supporting others navigating the heartache of pregnancy and infant loss.
Pamela, Miles’ Aunt and Jennifer's sister, faced her own journey of loss, enduring the pain of a molar pregnancy before the birth of her son, Jakobi. Despite the joy Jakobi brought, Pamela endured another miscarriage, highlighting the need to extend our support beyond stillbirths alone. These experiences, coupled with the loss of Miles, underscored the importance of honoring all forms of pregnancy and infant loss, inspiring us to establish Miles' Mission and provide solace to families facing similar challenges.
Miles Mission Because Every Life Matters Family

Core Values

  • • We believe Christ is our example in showing love and compassion to those who are grieving.
  • • We believe in advocating for standardized care and regulation of policies that meet the needs of families who experience pregnancy and infant loss.
  • • We connect grieving families with resources to help in the healing process.
  • • We provide education to bring awareness to the trauma and lasting physical, mental and emotional effects of pregnancy and infant loss.
  • • We believe in actively working with community partners to strengthen families in their time of grief.