Even Now I Know: A Journey From Grief to Gratitude.

Are you feeling lost and alone in grief? A new book shares a family of faith's journey as they navigate through a myriad of emotions, challenges, heartache, and frustration.

According to the CDC, approximately 1 in 100 pregnancies that survive twenty weeks or longer is affected by stillbirth. Grief can send you into a downward spiral if not held in check.

In Even Now I Know, Dr. Michael Bullock shares his creative perspective on the conversations surrounding the biblical story of Mary, Martha, Lazarus, and Jesus.

Through Martha’s words to Jesus, we gain perspective about a Lord who can heal us, help us, and honor our progression of climbing out of a dark place and into His gracious arms. When we cannot find answers, only then will we realize Christ is THE Answer. Martha helps us find our way and find hope surrounded by laughter once again.

Discover how to:

  • Heal through past pain so you can create a bigger future
  • Find joy and laughter so you can experience all the goodness God has to offer
  • Move from grief to gratitude so you can create positive change in the world

Suffering loss does not mean you have to be lost. Although painful, grief and loss can also propel us to find a deeper purpose in life. Let’s transition into gratitude together.

Miles' Mission - Even Now I Know: A Journey From Grief to Gratitude - Dr. Michael Bullock

Dr. Michael Bullock

Dr. Michael Bullock is the senior pastor of Hands of Faith Church in Zanesville, Ohio, a ministry he and his wife Kathy established. Along with his family, he recently founded Miles’ Mission: a ministry that strives to connect organizations, government agencies, and the faith-based community to assist in developing the mental, physical, and spiritual health of hurting individuals. He is a native of Columbus, Ohio, and holds a bachelor of science in Business Management from Franklin University, an ABS certification in Biblical Studies, and a master of ministry degree from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Later, he earned a doctorate of ministry from Regent University in Chesapeake, Virginia.