Miles' Mission rises from our own healing journey, driven by a desire to be a voice for families and babies affected by pregnancy and infant loss. Beyond personal experiences, we aim to advocate for better medical benefits, increased access to mental health support, and serve as a reminder to faith-based organizations of their profound role in bringing spiritual healing to all.
We envision our organization as a bridge, connecting businesses, mental health and physical health agencies, and faith-based entities. Through this collaboration, we aspire to contribute to the wellness of individuals—mentally, socially, and spiritually. Our mission extends to both public and private agencies and corporations, fostering a united front in bettering our communities.
Join us in honoring Miles and countless others by being a part of Miles' Mission—where grief transforms into advocacy, and hope becomes a powerful force for change. Together, we can create a future where families find support, healing, and unity in the face of pregnancy and infant loss.
Miles Mission Because Every Life Matters - Voices For Change