As dedicated stewards of our organization's vision and mission, we are privileged to play a crucial role in guiding the positive change and lasting impact we aim to achieve in the lives of individuals and communities. Our commitment to the mission and vision of Miles’ Mission is steadfast, and we are committed to ensuring that every decision and recommendation we make aligns seamlessly with our core principles.
Advisory Board's Pledge: As members of the Advisory Board, we pledge our unwavering commitment to uphold the mission and vision of Miles’ Mission. Each brings a unique blend of expertise, experience, and passion. Our dedication goes beyond mere words – it resonates in our actionable guidance and recommendations. With focused diligence, strategic foresight, and an unyielding commitment to our core principles, we aim to propel Miles’ Mission toward achieving its goals. Through our collaborative insights, resourceful counsel, and active partnership, we are dedicated to amplifying the effects of Miles’ Mission and creating meaningful change in the lives of individuals and communities.
Thank you for embarking on this compassion, collaboration, and transformation journey with us. As a united Advisory Board, we eagerly anticipate fulfilling Miles’ Mission’s vision and mission, working toward a brighter and better future for all.
Miles' Mission - Advisory Board - Mike Lepi,
Mike Lepi

Miles' Mission - Advisory Board - Rob Burrell,
Rob Burrell

Miles' Mission - Advisory Board - Abby Nguyen,
Abby Nguyen

Miles' Mission - Advisory Board - Sharon Graves,
Sharon Graves

Miles' Mission - Advisory Board - Pastor Steve Harrop,
Pastor Steve Harrop

Miles' Mission - Advisory Board - Mary Mirgon,
Mary Mirgon