Miles' Mission - Board Of Directors - Hattie Hawks, Director of Marketing & Communications

Hattie Hawks

Director of Marketing & Communications

Hattie Hawks is the Communications and Marketing Director at Miles' Mission, harnessing nearly a decade of immersive experience in TV news and a comprehensive public relations and communications background. With an unyielding passion for creating impactful narratives, she utilizes her storytelling prowess to support families navigating the profound loss of a child.

A proud alumna of Temple University, Hattie graduated with a Broadcast Journalism degree and a Political Science minor. Her career trajectory as a former news anchor spans diverse locations, including Virginia, West Virginia, and Columbus. This multifaceted background equips her with a rich knowledge and experience, enriching her contributions to the organization.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Hattie cherishes her role as a mother to two wonderful children. She finds solace and joy in spending quality time with them, embracing the precious moments that family life brings.

Hattie Hawks is a pillar of dedication and empathy at Miles' Mission. She utilizes her expertise and passion to amplify the voices and stories of families enduring the unimaginable, providing them with unwavering support and understanding.