Miles' Mission - Board Of Directors - Heather Nicol, Educational Specialist in Grief Recovery

Heather Nicol

Educational Specialist in Grief Recovery

Heather Nicol, LISW-S, brings a wealth of grief and trauma counseling expertise to Miles' Mission in a consulting capacity. As a Mental Health Therapist, Heather boasts over 25 years of invaluable experience, marked by her dedication to education, training, and development within mental health.

Throughout her illustrious career, Heather has demonstrated a remarkable ability to impart knowledge, particularly in guiding organizations and academic institutions in effectively addressing grief and trauma. Her proficiency extends beyond therapy; she excels in strategically nurturing profitable businesses, mentoring staff, and implementing programs that drive significant advancements in overall mental health outcomes.

Armed with a Master of Social Work Degree from The Ohio State University, Heather possesses an innate gift for engaging audiences as a seminar speaker. Her seminars are invaluable resources, offering businesses and academic institutions profound insights into support techniques for co-workers and staff navigating grief and trauma.

Heather's approach to counseling is innovative and empathetic, blending traditional methods with modern techniques. Her extensive counseling experience allows her to employ a diverse toolkit, including mindfulness practices, yoga therapy, and leveraging the companionship of her therapy dog, all instrumental in aiding individuals in their healing journeys.

Miles' Mission welcomes Heather Nicol as a valuable addition to the organization. Her expertise aligns seamlessly with our mission of providing mothers and families with the necessary support to move forward, embodying our commitment to healing and resilience.